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In an op-ed, Rep. Hans Zeiger discusses the role students have in higher ed policy. Tuition, textbook costs, and efficiency measures are discussed.

Feb. 25, 2016

Washington House Republicans have introduced three pieces of legislation that seek to reduce textbook and course material costs for students.

Jan. 29, 2016

Lead Republican on the House Higher Education Committee, Rep. Hans Zeiger, R-Puyallup, issued the following statement on the passing of Washington State University President Elson Floyd.

June 22, 2015

Governor signs three of Rep. Hans Zeiger's bills into law Three of Rep. Hans Zeiger's bills were signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee this week, including a measure that will allow...

April 24, 2015

Twenty-fifth District Reps. Hans Zeiger and Melanie Stambaugh have introduced legislation to address the increasing costs of textbooks for students in higher education.

Feb. 6, 2015

bill introduced by 25th District Rep. Hans Zeiger that would make the state’s higher education system more efficient was signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee on Friday, May 10. House...

May 13, 2013

Legislation to bring more efficiencies to Washington state’s higher education system passed the House of Representatives on Monday, March 4. In a unanimous vote, legislators approved House Bill 1736 sponsored by...

March 5, 2013

A bill that would create one Web site for Washington students to get information they need to obtain a degree passed the House Higher Education Committee on Feb. 7. House Bill...

Feb. 11, 2013

Two higher education measures prime-sponsored by Rep. Hans Zeiger were signed into law by the governor on March 30. House Bill 2259 eliminates certain higher education reporting requirements that duplicate federal...

April 4, 2012

Legislation that would require Washington’s college and university boards of trustees and regents to follow procedures for open public meetings passed the Legislature Monday. Rep. Hans Zeiger introduced House Bill 2313...

March 6, 2012