Zeiger introduces transportation reform bills

Rep. Hans Zeiger introduced two major bipartisan transportation reform bills earlier this week, one to streamline transportation permitting, the other to promote limited forms of public-private partnerships. Zeiger’s reform bills come in the midst of a debate among lawmakers over a proposed transportation funding package.   “Transportation projects are far too costly in Washington state,” said Zeiger, R-Puyallup. “We simply cannot afford to maintain the status quo at a time when we need to complete major projects like Highway 167. We need a series of reforms to give drivers and taxpayers the assurance that their dollars are being wisely invested.”

House Bill 1978 would implement a new six-step permit process created under the Transportation Permit Efficiency and Accountability Committee (TPEAC), which was formed by 2001 legislation.   “Road permitting is a massive cost driver than can result in lengthy project delays and public frustrations,” said Zeiger. “House Bill 1978 creates a six-step process to streamline permitting, ensuring that environmental goals are met while moving our economy forward.”

House Bill 1979 would help facilitate the process for obtaining public/private partnership funding for small scale, non-toll transportation projects. The bill follows a 2011 study by the Washington State Transportation Commission. For more information click: Washington State Transportation Commission – Public Private Partnership Programs and Non-Toll Facility Projects.
“This legislation allows our state to be more creative in non-toll project planning for things like ferry, transit and port facilities. We need new options for funding and new partnerships to meet economic development goals,” said Zeiger.

House Republicans introduced a larger package of transportation reform bills earlier this week. For more information on those reforms, click “Fix it before you fund it.”


Washington State House Republican Communications