Zeiger statement on House passage of capital budget

The House of Representatives passed a package of bills today related to the capital “construction” budget. Rep. Hans Zeiger, R-Puyallup and assistant ranking Republican on the House Capital Budget Committee, issued the following statement:

“I am proud to support these bills. We need to invest in our state’s infrastructure. The package of bills we passed does that in a balanced and responsible manner. It invests in K-12 school construction, colleges and universities, recreation, conservation and public works. The capital budget will also improve economic development and environmental protection.

“I am pleased the capital budget includes $7.1 million for phase three of the Pierce County Skills Center in Frederickson and $1.5 million for economic development in downtown Puyallup. These projects will create jobs in our community.

“The capital budget process was a great example of teamwork and bipartisan collaboration. Negotiations were difficult but we managed to prioritize and fund school construction while passing the smallest capital budget in 10 years.”

House Bill 1497 includes projects funded by cash accounts in the capital budget. It passed the House 94-0.

House Bill 2020 includes bond authorization and projects funded by those bonds, paid out over 25 years. It passed the House 84-10.

Senate Bill 5181 sets a statutory debt limit reduction from 8.75 percent to 7.75 percent by 2020. It passed the House 79-14.


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Washington State House Republican Communications